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Picual Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)
Celeste Oliva

Picual Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)


This example of Picual has a fruity nose and displays notes of banana, arugula, and tomato leaf. It has a slight pepper finish. We are proud to offer this as our highest in healthy MUFA (Oleic) at 81.4 % lending extended shelf life, durability and health benefits. This oil has mass appeal and takes points for being intensely aromatic in the delicate category.

Crush Date: May 2023

Country of Origin: Australia

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 7.0

Bitterness: 2.0

Pungency: 3.0

Biophenols: 267 ppm  Squalene: 7837 ppm

FFA: 0.12    A-Tocopherols:  292.7

Oleic Acid: 81.4

Peroxide: 3.6

DAGs: 98.4

PPP: <0.2

*As measured at the time of crush.

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